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Stop getting frustrated with your technology, take control with a comprehensive analasys & IT strategy from THG.

New Customer Promotions:

Qualifying new customers may recieve up to a 50% discount on contract services for the first 30 days.  In order to demonstrate our ability to provide high quality, effective support for all of your offices technology needs, we are offering free hardware to help provide better support to your employees. Please contact us for mor details.


 Comprehensive Services:

Wether you are seeking a IT consulting service for the first time or considering a new IT support services company, THG has you covered.  With over 10 years of experience with the unique needs and pressures of small business, THG can provide comprehensive support services for all of your business system needs.  Contact us now for a free evaluation of your current IT infrastructure and see how your company can be more productive and better protected within a reasonable budget.




IT Support with a budget?

With THG, there is no need to worry about spiraling costs. A comprehensive IT assessment & strategy from THG will help keep costs manageable.  Take advantage of our experience and be better prepared for the future.  Take control of your IT costs with a company that works with you to find ideal balance between cost and needs.  Flexible payment plans and equipment leasing availble to qualifying customers.




One Stop Shopping

Letting one company handle all of your technology needs makes deploying overlapping technologies simpler and reduces costs.  One company providing a complete integrated solution for telephone, computer and internet hosting services means that there will be less time-consuming collaboration and coordination between multiple contractors.  A single provider also means a single point of contact and zero coordination between vendors.






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