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Why choose THG as your DSL provider?

Our DSL service provides superior, cost effective network service. Aggressive Service Level Agreements parallel those offered with leased line (T1/E1) service.

Guaranteed uptime: If you can't afford downtime, go with the company that can't afford downtime either. Our competitive service level agreements mean steep discounts even for only a short outage.

24 hour monitoring: DSL service is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimum bandwidth and reliability. In the event of a loss of service, the customer is notified and engineers begin working to solve the problem within one hour. Bandwidth consumption reports available online give you the ability to decide when it is time to upgrade to a faster DSL line.

Static IP addresses: All lines come with Static routeable IP addresses giving you the ability to host services, share files, and communicate directly with customers, vendors etc.

VPN support:

No equipment to buy or maintain: Lucent/Ascend router installed on-site.

SDSL Service is installed as a separate line and does not require an existing telephone line.

SDSL Pricing & Data:

SpeedFixed IPTermMonthly Price
144 kbps 5 12$119.00
272 kbps 5 12$139.00
400 kbps 5 12$199.00
528 kbps 5 12$239.00
784 kbps 512$279.00
1168 kbps512$319.00
1552 kbps1012$379.00
2048 kbps1012$419.00

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