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E-Commerce is changing the way a lot of companies do business. Some companies are realizing sales volumes only dreamed of in the past, and some companies are beginning to feel the affect of NOT having a complete online store.

E-Commerce is here to stay. Consumers are starting to turn to the web first, and revenues from online sales are going up. Reaching hundreds of thousands of people and expanding your target market is simple and cost effective with an e-commerce solution from THG.

XP Commerce

Our premier e-commerce solution, XP Commerce is completely customizable, extensible and easy to use. Simple sites with only a few products and complicated e-commerce sites with hundreds of categories, thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of variations are easy to manage and quick to deploy.

Our complete and capable e-commerce solution is designed to fit your needs and grow with your business. Payment options including Credit Card, Purchase Order and Cash/Pickup allow business of all types to take advantage of secure online ordering. Support for FedEX, UPS and US Postal Service Rates and Service selection and Package Manifesting* permit your product to reach as far as your website.

User tracking and product correlation increase sales as products and services are targeted to specific users while they peruse the site. Simple pattern matching rules allow you to control who is targeted and with what. Automatic product correlation shows visitors what other products are often purchased with each product as they browse. Return visitors are greeted with products similar to what they looked at the last time they visited--even if they didn't buy anything.

Web based administration

Web based administration tools allow easy and quick access to your e-store. Change the site, add product and informational pages, update inventory, slash prices and close sales online with a couple of clicks.


Unhindered by off-the-shelf restrictions common in other products, XP Commerce is really a development environment with multiple interfaces. Sales staff can add or remove items to orders not yet fulfilled. Warehousing staff can backorder individual items and adjust Credit Card charges on the fly. Tools to allow administration on every front enhance customer service and increase sales as orders are taken and fulfilled efficiently and easily.

Template based content management enables quick, easy changes to the entire site, or entire sections of the site in one simple step. Special programming may be embedded almost anywhere on the site. Common business tasks are available as preprogrammed macros that are easy to add, change and remove.

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