• dimensions (with speaker):Ca.650 x 1190 x 660 mm (BxHxD)
  • design-casing made from 1.5mm varnished steel plate (Ral-colours)
  • outdoor model in V2A steel 2 speakers (100Watt)
  • PC-platform (PC/Mac/Cd-i) Ready for use for most 17-inch monitors
  • special suspension for the monitor
  • options: touch pad | keyboard (IP65) | printer | coinfeeder | magnetic cardreader | proton | touch screen
  • power supply/Voltage : 220V with mains filter and protection against power-surges.
  • built-in heat sensor and cooling-fan
  • fulfills all the EC-requirements CE and EMV tested
The Connecto can be opened easily at the top to build in a monitor or for a technical service. The top opens mechanical and moves over the casing when you close it.