• dimensions (DxH) ca. 650 x 1850 mm
  • outdoor model in V2A steel
  • ready for use for all 17-inch monitors
  • special suspension for the monitor at the top
  • design-casing made from 1.5mm varnished steel plate(Ral-colours)
  • 2 built in speakers (100Watt) PC platform (PC/Mac/Cd-i)
  • options: touch pad | keyboard (IP65) | printer | coinfeeder | magnetic cardreader | proton | touchscreen.
  • power supply/Voltage: 220V with mains filter and protection against power-surges
  • built-in: heat sensor and cooling-fan
  • fulfills all the EC-requirements CE and EMV tested

The pillar consists of 2 parts. The monitor and the communication tools are established at the top.Underneath there is enough space for the PC and if necessary a printer or a keyboard can be build in.So, the pillar can be made according to your whishes.

At the back a bolt massive door is located. Behind this door you find the platform for your PC consisting of racks in industrial design. This explains the absence of problems in case of an extension of the proper tools.

Due to the extending platform, everything is within your reach.